Body Movement

October 26 notes:

We explored connections with our bodies. it’s interesting to me because in theater we have tools but our main instrument is our body. we were checking in with ourselves. We laid down in the dark and explored where we found tightness in our bodies. We took an inventory of our physical, mental and emotional self. This was beneficial because all parts of ourselves are brought to a character in a scene. Discussing the need to check in was entirely revived for me. No longer was this time in the dark simply to get away from school but an introverted analysis of myself making me better equipped to become a character.


East and West

October 23 notes:

We discussed pure essence versus evolving theater.  (East vs West)

Our culture is ever changing. It’s about movement.

Ritual Drama is a myth created out of need. It is not spiritually driven.

Questions from Blog

Comment on these questions:

1.  What are two cultures you are personally interested in but have never studied?

I am interested in Eastern Europe and how that has evolved. Europe seems to be consistently changing. The Middle East is also a place of intrigue for me.

2.  Find an excerpt from Katie’s blog that connects with something re: IB Theatre. What is it and how do you connect with it?

In Kate’s post about Wicked from August 6, 2009 she said, “But as with most things, when you watch it again you always see something you’ve missed!” More and more I’m learning that this is very true in many arenas. When I read a book a second time I gain new insight. Even when just talking to someone twice about a certain topic I find there are new things to learn.