Our Country’s Good

Today, we were introduced to the script of Our Country’s Good. We learned that within the play the characters are performing a play. This makes the storyline similar to A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This also means that it is a play about theater and acting techniques. I look forward to learning more about theater going through the process of preparing the play for a reading and also extracting insight from the text itself as the characters learn about theater.

Jane will be casting the play. She will decide based on a number of criteria. She will look to what she thinks our strengths are and what skills she thinks we should evolve. Jane will also subjectively choose based on similarities she sees between us and the characters in the script.

Talking about this play sparked a conversation about censorship and what is appropriate for presentation. Some of the language in the text may be unsuited for our audience. This led to talking about One Acts and how some of the content is a bit controversial.


After reading the play I’m not sure which character best suits me. I don’t think I got enough of an introduction to the female roles. Although I did find a couple of lines that were particularly insightful and pertinent to our conversations from earlier today. Tench said, “The content of a play is irrelevant.” Ironically, just hours ago, our class was talking about some of the content in this play may not be fitting for a high school production.

“The theatre is an expression of civilisation…. It will remind them there is more to life than crime, punishment. And  we, this colony of a few hundred will be watching this together, for a few hours we will no longer be despised prisoners and hated gaolers. We will laugh, we may be moved, we may even think a little.”


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