Breathing Exercise

Today we did loop breathing while looking into someone’s eyes. I was partnered with Jasmine because our characters (Arscott and Caesar) are alliances.
It was interesting to me. Through breathing I got so zoned in that I zoned out. After a few beginning interruptions, I was so focused on my breath and Jasmine that I was completely blind to anything happening around me. I heard no external noises. Then I went even further into the exercise. I became so absorbed by my breath and the breathing pattern that I could no longer even entirely see Jasmine sitting across from me. Her eyes blended together as we breathed and my focus was below my consciousness.


Rabit Proof Fence

\text{Images}\Longrightarrow \text{Emotions}\Longrightarrow\text{Impressions}

  • voices uses a small range of tones
  • voice is deep for a woman
  • barren land
  • hawk is spirit bird to the natives
  • clothing is similar to a potato sack
  • long sleeves shirts with buttons
  • skirts for girls
  • shades of dust
  • warm temperatures
  • aboriginals are barefoot
  • calligraphy
  • white people are dressed properly and conducting official business
  • male speaks disconnectedly
  • woman follows his orders without question
  • white man works at the store
  • woman and children fun from the police
  • cries
  • open mouths
  • eldest woman hits her head with a rock
  • proper
  • projector used
  • woman wear hats with ribbons
  • “in spite of himself, the native must be helped”
Emotional Visual Oral Behavioral Brutal Suit and tie Crying Children taken Traumatic Hats with ribbons Howling Mother attempts to keep them Controlling Projector Annuciated spit Presentation before a room Black and white images on the screen “In spite of himself, the native must be helped” Pressed clothes Dust Shades of brown

Catching Up

I have missed the majority of the last two weeks of class and with that all of the lessons and assignments.  Now I’m finding I’m a bit behind and confused in class.

I still plan to study Brecht theater using the play Mother Courage and Her Children.  Link to Wikipedia Page Although I do not have the play.  Jane,  do you have a copy?

Also just recently I found out that I will be John  Arscott in the play Our Country’s Good.  At first, I was a bit upset and disappointed about this casting choice. I did not want to play a man. Although after reading his lines I’m beginning to really like the character. In a strange way I think he is a man who is easy to connect to. He uses the same phrases multiple times. He says “There’s no escape!” and “Sir, if you please” repeatedly.

Our Country’s Good

Today, we were introduced to the script of Our Country’s Good. We learned that within the play the characters are performing a play. This makes the storyline similar to A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This also means that it is a play about theater and acting techniques. I look forward to learning more about theater going through the process of preparing the play for a reading and also extracting insight from the text itself as the characters learn about theater.

Jane will be casting the play. She will decide based on a number of criteria. She will look to what she thinks our strengths are and what skills she thinks we should evolve. Jane will also subjectively choose based on similarities she sees between us and the characters in the script.

Talking about this play sparked a conversation about censorship and what is appropriate for presentation. Some of the language in the text may be unsuited for our audience. This led to talking about One Acts and how some of the content is a bit controversial.


After reading the play I’m not sure which character best suits me. I don’t think I got enough of an introduction to the female roles. Although I did find a couple of lines that were particularly insightful and pertinent to our conversations from earlier today. Tench said, “The content of a play is irrelevant.” Ironically, just hours ago, our class was talking about some of the content in this play may not be fitting for a high school production.

“The theatre is an expression of civilisation…. It will remind them there is more to life than crime, punishment. And  we, this colony of a few hundred will be watching this together, for a few hours we will no longer be despised prisoners and hated gaolers. We will laugh, we may be moved, we may even think a little.”


Today I started reading Hamlet for IB English. It’s interesting to me how Shakespeare can be examined from a theatrical point of view and from a literary one. I look forward to seeing the differences between how the text will be approached from each lens. Perhaps some of what I have learned in IB Theater will lend itself to the study of Hamlet in English class.

Silent Football

Today Lucas introduced a new game to us.  The class ended up being split up because Jane needed to focus on a few students who were having trouble using their blogs. After this happened our focus was also split. The small group that remained to play games didn’t seem to really want to be connected to theater games, myself included. The process of learning the game wasn’t taken very seriously. Silent Football wasn’t much of a success.


We first began to explore Australia by watching a movie entitled “AUSTRALIA: BEYOND THE FATAL SHORE”
  • language includes mate, bloody hell, and gamut
  • first seems about pleasure: beaches and fun
  • 500,000 people attended the gay parade (more than went to see the pope)
  • were not founded by puritans but almost pretend like it or try to be
  • first inhabitants were convicts and their jailers
  • harsh moral code by Reverend Marsden
  • serious effort being made to change view from one of sins to optimism as a culture
  • meant to be a secular nation
  • church was highly influential in politics
  • has begun to shift back to a place where activities are dictated
  • legalized and regular prostitution
  • currently an effort to ban X-rated films
  • catholic church is especially tough on sinners
  • enigmatic country
  • currently fantastic art center



  • political and personal visions are different
  • controvery flourishes
  • liberality lives (sex, gay pride, etc)
  • pleasure for the people
  • church assumes control
  • aboriginals and Europeans are divided